Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening has becoming incredibly popular in the past few years, we see patients who frequently ask how much whiter they teeth can get. It’s important to understand that your lifestyle influences the colour of your teeth. If you drink multiple coffee’s a day, drink wine, smoke and particular foods your teeth are more likely to be stained.

Whether you regularly consume certain foods or drinks or consume tobacco, there are a number of factors that can commonly stain your teeth. Access to regular teeth whitening can help you to see improvements for the cleanliness of your teeth and for your confidence as well.

With a variety of professional teeth whitening services and over-the-counter products, it can be confusing which type of teeth whitening you should take on.

How often should you get teeth whitening service?

How often should you get teeth whitening service?
You can schedule teeth whitening services regularly to sustain that white glow. Most of the time, the professional whitening solutions from a dentist will last several months after your appointment. Ashfield family dental care services can deliver a teeth whitening service that can be included alongside your general checkup appointments as a cosmetic service in addition to a regular cleaning.

It is not recommended to regularly whiten your teeth every few weeks as this can break down the enamel of your teeth. Especially if you are using a number of over-the-counter whitening tools to touch up your teeth between visits.

Teeth Whitening Service Ashfield NSW
Teeth Whitening Service Ashfield

The benefits of teeth whitening service?

There can be numerous benefits to regularly whitening your teeth with the service at Ashfield teeth whitening service:

  • Better confidence
  • A brighter smile
  • Removal of surface stains that lasts for months
  • The feeling of cleaner teeth

Is teeth whitening service safe for children?

Teeth whitening is typically a treatment that adults look for as a means to improve yellowing, stained teeth. Yellow teeth are often the result of the foods and drinks consumed. Children rarely require any form of teeth whitening to be carried out due to the fact their teeth haven’t been exposed to the same types of foods as long as a typical adult.

A thorough check-up and clean will more often than not remove the stains children have on their teeth however if a parent requests teeth whitening we can discuss the best course of treatment.

Teeth Whitening Service
Teeth Whitening Service in Ashfield

Are DIY Teeth Whitening Kits Worth it?

Many of the DIY teeth whitening kits can be risky to use given the chemicals used to try and generate fast results.

We recommend booking a teeth whitening consultation with a dentist and discussing the grades of improvement you can achieve with your teeth. Teeth whitening that’s carried out by our dentist yields much better results in a much safer environment.

It is highly recommended to only use approved products for your teeth. Unless it is carried with a dentist approval at your local pharmacy, you should not consider using DIY teeth whitening products. By exposing your teeth to a variety of bleaches and whitening toothpaste, you could be slowly breaking down the enamel and the protection in your teeth which will weaken them over time.

Book a Teeth Whitening Consultation today and see how many grades of white you can jump to

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