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Ashfield Family Dental is a clinic based in New South Wales that specialises in children’s dentistry services. Our kid’s dentist provides a wide range of treatments focused on what children need to grow up with a healthy, bright smile.

Our experienced dentists support children in a friendly, fun and relaxing environment that is welcoming which helps lessen the impact of a typical dentist visit. Whether it’s the first time seeing a dentist or they are making their way into adulthood with our clinic, we want to provide comfortable and educational oral health experiences for children.

You may find that your children start to lose their teeth at around the age of 5-6, teeth tend to fall out on their own however in more complicated circumstances we recommend booking an appointment for tooth extraction to limit any other issues being caused.

How often should children see a dentist

Kids should be visiting a dentist regularly, we recommend a check-up and clean every six months. In your child’s dental appointment we will review oral health and discuss any potential concerns based on the way the teeth are growing as well as x-rays as need be. 

Our lovely reception staff can help you plan your child’s dental appointments in advance by setting reminders and scheduling intervals for your appointments, making it easier for you to keep your children’s teeth growing perfectly without having to remember to book an appointment.,

We provide advice and screenings to make sure that your children’s oral health can be well taken care of over time. By making sure that your child can regularly see a dentist, we can work together to prevent cavities, fillings and gum disease

Paediatric Dentist in Ashfield
Paediatric Dentist

What will your kids dentist visit look like?

Frequent dental appointments for kids is much the same as regular adults dental appointment, however, there is a lot more time invested in preventing dental issues and planning for braces based on the way the teeth are developing.

Our dentists are focused on providing clear instructions and direction for kids to give them the ammunition to brush their teeth properly and at the right frequency. Developing positive habits with brushing and flossing at an early stage in their life will result in less dental treatment, whiter smiles and overall better oral health. 

How to prepare children for their appointment with a dentist

Let’s make your child’s first dental appointment a fun, relaxing and educational visit.

Here are some tips to consider prior to coming to your visit.

  • Encouraging your children and being a positive influence over the experience will work wonders. A positive role model without sharing negative connotations will make the experience a better one. 
  • If you as the parent have a dental appointment booked, it’s a great idea to bring your child along and introduce your kids to the dentist so they have a reference point prior to their first dental visit.
  • You can look at videos or online tools to show how quick and easy kids appointments can be.
  • Lastly, if your child happens to have a teddy or comfort toy you should consider bringing that along 
Paediatric Dentist in Ashfield
Ashfield Dentist Paediatric

The benefits of children seeing their Dentist regularly

When children are able to see a dentist regularly for a dental check-up and clean they can be ready for a positive start in developing great oral health habits and preparing for their brightest future smile. Regular appointments with a dentist can make sure that cosmetic dentistry issues can be addressed early with the formation of teeth and that children can prevent a variety of oral health issues.

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