General dentistry

General Dentistry treatments are varied in offering and our dental team will help guide you so your treatment is aligned with your oral health and goals. While we can provide access to a dental hygienist for a quick checkup and clean, sometimes gum treatment or to selling will be required as part of general dentistry during your dental appointment. If you’ve come in for a checkup and clean and we have identified treatment options that may need to continue in a new appointment, you can conveniently book today for general dentistry.

How often should you book a dentist appointment in Ashfield?

It is highly recommended that you see your dentist for a checkup and cleaning at least every six months. We can make recommendations for general dentistry such as a simple tooth filling or an extended cleaning that involves gum treatment. This type of general dentistry improvement in Ashfield can help to prevent the symptoms of gingivitis as well as ensure that you can experience less in the way of pain or issues with chewing. If you are experiencing regular pain or discomfort please come in for a checkup immediately.

General Dentist
General Dentist Ashfield

The benefits of seeing a dentist in Ashfield regularly:

Booking a dental check-up scale and clean at Ashfield Family Dental helps to prevent the chance where you will need tooth filling or gum treatment. By keeping up with your oral health and receiving regular checkups, you can help to prevent a need for extended dental work. By preventing ongoing tooth filling and gum treatment you can also be sure to keep more of your natural teeth and prevent the chance that you may require braces, implants and more.

Book your appointment with us today to experience benefits like:

  • Preventing cavities
  • Preventing gingivitis
  • Checking for oral cancer
  • Assessing your oral health
  • Answering any questions you may have about oral care for you and your family.

Will I need tooth filling or gum treatment?

During any checkup and cleaning it Ashfield Dental Clinic, we can assess your need for a variety of extra care under our general dentistry services. If we have identified areas where you could use tooth fillings and more, we can make sure that you can get access to the health and care that you need when it is required. Our professional dental team can often determine if you are in need of tooth filling or gum treatment after our assessment. Using our professional tools we can make sure that gum treatment and tooth filling is completed for improved longevity with your oral care.

General Dentist in Ashfield

How to keep up your oral health between visits to an Ashfield dentist:

Receive regular check-up and cleaning

    • Brush your teeth at least twice daily
    • Regularly floss
  • Come in for an appointment as soon as you begin to experience discomfort.

Book an appointment today! We provide tooth filling, gum treatment and more.

Our family dental clinic in Ashford can help you get access to high-quality general dentistry services including gum treatment, tooth filling and more.

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