Root Canal Treatment

In cases of extreme cavities, where the root of a tooth becomes infected, there is a chance that a patient may require a root canal. Root canal treatments are a fairly standard dental procedure these days. They can work to save the structure of a tooth while preventing ongoing pain and other oral health issues associated with living with a severe cavity.

If you notice an extreme pain in your tooth or ongoing swelling in the gums surrounding a tooth, it could be wise to contact us at Ashfield family dental in NSW today.

When does a tooth need a root canal?

A tooth will need a root canal when it becomes badly decayed and when it becomes infected. The living nerves and pulp within a tooth can become infected and this can eventually continue to spread throughout the teeth and even neighbouring teeth. Without intervention, the tooth could continue to spread its infection and eventually fall out completely.

Ashfield Endodontist
Endodontist Ashfield

What is the process of root canal treatment?

The process of a root canal treatment is otherwise known as Endodontic treatment and it involves the use of removing infected pulp from within a tooth to eliminate infection. The decontaminated tooth is then sealed up using a large filling and a cap on the top to give the tooth strength.

Root canal treatment generally happens under local anesthetic and the process can be a little more time-consuming than traditional fillings.

Flexible payment for Endodontic treatment

Although root canal treatment does qualify for emergency dental work if the tooth has become badly decayed, there is still a need to provide payment for the treatment plan. If you are experiencing ongoing pain and you need a root canal you should consider speaking to your health benefits plan or visiting our dental offices today.

Our family dental practice works with a variety of health fund providers to provide affordable access to care. You should never have to go without root canal treatment due to the added expense of this procedure. Letting your teeth continue to decay without intervention could actually lead to the process of the tooth falling out or other severe infections spreading.

Endodontist Ashfield
Endodontist Ashfield

Caring for your teeth after a root canal

After you have received a root canal and a cap on your teeth, you should consider caring for your teeth as normal. This means regular brushing and flossing and typical oral care for the area where you received a root canal. After a root canal, a tooth can be properly strengthened thanks to the filling and the cap that is created alongside the tooth.

Be sure to care for your teeth over time to prevent the chance that you may have to get a root canal elsewhere!

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