Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can happen anywhere at any time, whether it’s a broken or chipped tooth or severe pain due to swelling and inflammation. If you are experiencing a dental emergency that requires immediate care it’s important you contact your local dentist to prevent more serious dental issues from arising.

Ashfield emergency dentists are here waiting for your random unlucky event but we will focus on helping as fast as possible to make sure that your oral health is in good hands. Our dentists can help with a variety of dental emergencies and provide timely assistance even if you become involved in an accident or require immediate care.

What should you do if a tooth breaks?

If you have broken a tooth as a result of a severe cavity or due to an accident that has knocked the tooth out, you need to consider addressing the issue immediately. Some broken teeth can be fixed whereas others may need tooth extraction to be carried out and a permanent tooth installed in its place.

At the moment that you notice that you have a broken tooth you should complete some of the following steps:

  • Rinse out your mouth with warm water to remove as much of the tooth fragments as possible.
  • Apply pressure to the areas that you are bleeding and use gauze or a slightly wet tea bag of possible.
  • Use ice if necessary if you have any swelling.
  • If you have temporary dental cement, try to cover up any cracks if possible. If you don’t have access to this product, contact an emergency dentist in your area.
Ashfield Emergency Dental Service
Emergency Dental Service

Do you need an appointment for emergency dental service?

Our staff members at Ashfield can provide flexible appointment scheduling for any type of emergency cases. Depending on the severity of your emergency appointment, we can often fit you in within the same day or 48 hours of your emergency. We keep extra time available in our scheduling to handle emergency cases as they are needed. We still ask that you make a phone call to arrange an appointment with us so that you can save time with your wait at the clinic.

When do you need emergency dental service?

A dental emergency is one where there is a need for immediate treatment in order to save a tooth, put a stop to bleeding inside your mouth or alleviate a severe pain. An abscessed tooth is something that needs to be met with intervention immediately as going without care could be a life-threatening decision.

Working to stop the bleeding after a tooth has been broken and making sure that tissue bleeding can stop after an accident can be very important in terms of emergency dentistry. If you are experiencing any of these issues it’s important to call in your dental emergency and get the earliest appointment possible.

Ashfield dental emergency service

Contact us if you need emergency dental service today

Our staff members are ready to answer your call for emergency dentistry support. We can provide a timely service if you are experiencing a health emergency with your teeth!

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