Dentures can be the perfect solution for missing teeth. Most dentures are supported by surrounding soft tissues, hard tissues and anchoring teeth throughout the oral cavity. With a variety of different denture designs, a dentist that specializes in the creation of dentures can craft the ideal solutions for any individual who is interested in a complete tooth replacement or for partial tooth replacements.

Our denture specialist has years of experience treating patients with dentures so you can be confident that you will walk away with a functional happy smile.

We make recommendations as to the best type of dentures you should use as well as walk you through the process of getting dental implants or other early procedures to support your dentures.

Why should you consider dentures from our denture care center?

There are many people that find themselves fearing the idea of dentures but they can actually come with a series of excellent benefits. Dentures resemble the look of your original permanent teeth and they can allow you to eat a variety of foods with ease.

Fixed and removable dentures can actually be an affordable solution to maintaining your oral health. They are relatively easy to care for and they can improve a variety of conditions from your speech to digestion and your confidence. As dentures are modelled after your original teeth, and can provide you with a restorative dental treatment that will give you back your beautiful and healthy smile.

Dentures Care Center in Ashfield
Ashfield Dentures Care Center

How long does it take to get dentures from a denture care center?

The process of getting dentures from a denture care center takes roughly 3 to 6 weeks. It usually takes 3 to 4 visits to make dentures as a proper mold or 3-D model of your mouth needs to be taken in order to craft dentures that will fit correctly. A series of adjustments may need to be made in order to improve your comfort with dentures over time.

How do I take care of dentures?

Caring for dentures is really just as easy as taking care of your own natural teeth:

  • Brush and floss your dentures as necessary
  • Soak your dentures in cleaning solution when possible or overnight
  • Make regular adjustments to your dentures with the help of your dentist to prevent oral health issues
Dentures Care Center
Dentures Care Center

Adjustments to dentures through our denture care center

If you are having any difficulty with your dentures or you feel as though they could use adjustment, contact our denture care center today. Our staff members can make adjustments to dentures and make them more comfortable for our patients with scheduled appointments. We want to make sure that your dentures can feel as natural as your own teeth. Mention you need denture adjustment during your regular checkups and we can make an appointment to make adjustments to your dentures as necessary.

Book an appointment with our denture care center today

If you feel as though you would be a good candidate for dentures contact our denture care center today for more information.

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