Dental Implants

Dental implants involve a surgical procedure that creates permanent teeth or can form dental prosthesis that can serve as the base for a bridge, crown, facial prosthesis or denture. If you are interested in replacing a tooth after an accident or you could use assistance with creating a base for dentures, dental implants can be a natural choice for a procedure.

The process of receiving dental implants at Ashfield family dentistry is one that takes place over several appointments. These implants can be a product that will last for life in patients. With artificial roots produced using a titanium metal, this is a dental procedure requires an implantĀ  to be inserted into the jawbone for a permanent prosthetic that resembles the look of your own natural teeth.

When should I see a dentist for implants

Dental implants can be especially helpful in replacing teeth permanently after an accident has taken place or after you have begun to lose your teeth. If your teeth have fallen out due to accidents or improper care, a proper dental implant can serve as the basis for your dentures.

In some cases where tooth extraction or a tooth loss has occurred with teeth like molars, a dental implant can be useful for improving speech digestion and for preventing headaches as teeth begin to settle with a gap in place.

Visit Dental Implants periodontist in Ashfield
Dental Implant periodontist in Ashfield

What is the procedure a dentist uses to place an implant

The procedure for modelling dental implants with our qualified dentists involves first taking x-rays to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. Making sure that the titanium screws can bond with your jawbone is essential before beginning. A dentist may recommend the use of dental implants during your regular check up and cleaning if your teeth are beginning to shift or you are having ongoing oral health issues due to missing teeth.

After you have been deemed a candidate for dental implants, our qualified dentist will then complete modelling for the replacement tooth. The first procedure could involve removing what is left of a partial tooth and then installing the screw that will hold the cap or permanent prosthetic on the dental implant.
After the screw is inserted and has had time to heal in your jawbone, the permanent prosthetic will be fitted over the top of the screw. This will complete the entire procedure and leave you with a permanent prosthetic tooth that resembles the natural look of the tooth that was there before.

The benefits of dental implants

Dental implants can help with:

  • Improving digestion
  • Improved speech
  • Providing a base for dentures and bridges
  • Delivering cosmetic improvements for maximizing your confidence.
Dental Implants periodontist
Dental Implants periodontist

How to care for a dental implant

A dental implant needs to be cared for in a similar way to any other tooth. You will need to typically brush and floss around a dental implant as you would with any other type of tooth. You also need to have it properly clean and whitened in any other type of appointment.

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