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Checkups and cleaning are an essential part of oral health care. If you are going for a regular dental checkup, you should strongly consider the idea of also regularly seeing a dentist for checkup and cleaning. At Ashfield Dental clinic, we can provide a variety of cleaning and checkup services that will help you to maintain your oral health over time.

With a regular checkup and cleaning, you can make sure to remove any type of plaque or stains from your teeth so that you can prevent cavities, gingivitis and work at reducing your risk for a variety of illnesses.


We highly recommend that you go in for a checkup and cleaning regularly scheduled every six months. Seeing your dentist at least every six months at a minimum can help you with a cleaning and whitening process that will leave your teeth looking their absolute best. Ongoing checkups and cleaning can be an important measure to keeping your teeth looking their best and preventing oral health issues.

When you schedule an appointment for a regular checkup with us, our dentist can work at scheduling your next appointment so that you can have regular checkups handled within our schedule.

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No-Gap Check up And Clean

Ashfield Dental Hygienist

We offer no-gap check up and clean to all patients with any major private health fund

Just follows 3 simple steps.

  • Every 6 months: you must visit every 6 months or as recommended by our dentists for your regular checkup and clean
  • Hicaps: your health fund participates in on-the-spot claiming with Hicaps. you must bring your health fund card at every appointment.
  • Annual Limits: you have not reached your annual limit at the time of visit.

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By getting a routine dental cleaning with the help of a dentist you can experience some of these top benefits:

  • Prevention of cavities and tooth decay
  • Avoiding gum disease
  • Removing intensive stains across your teeth
  • Improving overall oral health
  • Saving money in the future on your dentistry needs
Dental Hygienist in Ashfield
Dental Hygienist - Ashfield Dentist

What is a dentist looking out for during a checkup and cleaning

Our dentist will go through and perform a complete inspection throughout the time that you are in the chair receiving cleaning. The dentist will go through looking for items like cavities, signs of tooth decay and even markers for oral cancer. These types of checks can help to make sure that you can have someone looking out for your health regularly.

Is check-up and cleaning the same for children?

As a child oral health needs are slightly different, our dentist take a different approach when it comes to children’s dentistry. We use different products due to the more fragile nature of children’s teeth. We can also perform assessments to make sure that teeth are forming well and that there’s no need for cosmetic dentistry or solutions to help your children with their adult teeth. The idea of children’s dentistry is designed to be a comfortable experience that can sometimes take a bit longer with the inspection of primary and adult teeth via xray.

Dental Hygienist in Ashfield
Dental Hygienist in Ashfield

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Our skilled dentists can see you on a regular schedule to manage your oral health needs and to make sure that you can keep your perfect smile over time. Our dentists can see you now in Ashfield New South Wales.

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