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Implants have proven to be effective, but how effective?There are many tooth restoration treatment options that restore your confidence to smile brightly, improve quality of life and improve your appearance. Dental Implants, however, has generally been touted as the most effective dental treatment to restore that natural beauty. It’s been

Whether you have Dental problems or are simply looking to improve that flawless smile, cosmetic dentistry is at hand make your smile shine even brighter. Cosmetic dentistry has become the most common procedure for patients over recent years and is seen as the most effective method to improve oral hygiene

Do you suffer from discomfort in your teeth? It may be time for a Tooth Extraction. Having your teeth taken out from those dreaded dental forceps and elevators can be an uncomfortable and slightly scary experience, but it may be required for a variety of reasons, your tooth is infected

Ashfield Family Dental Explains How Regular Flossing Impacts Your TeethFlossing might be something that is not very high on your list. We get it. It is time consuming and it is not very pleasant, but it is something that needs to be done, regardless of who you are or how