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Whilst dentures do not change in structure, your face will. It is natural for your facial structure to change through ageing. However, it can still be confusing for patients to understand why dentures don’t fit properly in the mouth. As a denture patient, you should expect dentures to become loose

Do you feel anxious at the thought of visiting the dentist? Does the thought of the dentist stop you from getting the treatment that your teeth and smile deserve? You’re not alone. Everyone has felt nervous at some point in their lives when visiting the dentist. It is a common

`Before dental technology evolved, dentures were the go-to treatment to develop that aesthetically pleasing look. Dentures were also popular for replacing lost or missing teeth and today, they continue to be popular. In most cases, dentures are used if multiple teeth are damaged or are missing. Depending on how healthy your

When you hear the words root canal, what do you automatically think about? That it is painful? Needless? Expensive? Causes illness and other forms of treatment are better for decayed teeth? Many people have been misled by root canal treatment. A stigma has formed over the years that the root

Discomfort in the jaw is generally described as throbbing, uncomfortable pain. It can flare up at any time and is usually due to toothache. It usually starts off mild before becoming more severe and is a common problem that affects many people. There are a lot of causes of jaw