It is clear that teeth are inside the head and when they are in pain it can really spoil the day and disturb sleep. Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics) is an option people can take to not only relieve the pain but also avoid the stress of tooth extraction and most importantly be able to keep that tooth. Usually teeth that have severe decay, decay into the nerves of the tooth, will need root canal therapy immediately or in future. At Ashfield Family Dental, we will warn our patients if they are at risk of needing such treatment.

Often people just wants to get rid of the pain by pulling out the tooth but these things should be considered before deciding to extract a tooth:

  • Missing teeth can be unsightly and embarassing - lower self-confidence and job prospects
  • With less teeth (even just one) - other teeth wil need to take on bigger load and puts them at more risk of cracking resulting in more and more missing teeth
  • Other teeth can move into the missing tooth space - crooked teeth makes them hard to clean and risk getting decay and more toothaches in future
  • The cost of replacing the extracted tooth or teeth can be more in the future

Whenever possible we recommend root canal therapy to relieve pain and return for more visits to finish the whole treatment. Once everything is complete we can further protect the tooth with a strong filling or crown

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