Dentistry is not all about glamour. In fact, a beautiful smile has to begin with a good healthy foundation. Routine check ups are important in maintaining good health and identify any problems when they are still small. Small problems often means less costs, less time away from work and life, and less discomfort during the actual simple treatment. While leaving a small problem untreated results in the opposite. Hence, we recommend check up every 6 months.

Cleaning & Oral Hygiene
During every routine check up, a "clean" is performed. We use an air scaler which is more comfortable for patient without that annoying high pitch noise from ultrasonic scalers. Simple clean keeps gums healthy and gets rid of stains. Also, we can see where oral hygiene can be improved and provide appropriate information. In patients who have gum disease a deeper clean may be needed (see Periodontal (Gum) Treatment section)

Fillings are needed when there is decay or holes in the teeth. We only use white fillings for the looks and conservation of tooth structure. We also have a choice of resin filling or porcelain filling using our CEREC machine. When a filling gets to a large size, often CEREC restoration will be a better choice in the long term. Of course, our patients have full control over which option to take and we will do our best to give you the best filling.

x-rays are an important part in identifying problems in the mouth. Sometimes problems can go unnoticed due to its location (eg: in between teeth). The radiation is minimal since we use digital x-rays and are only taken when necessary depending on your decay risk.

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