Dental implants are the latest treatment method we have for missing teeth. The research and study for implants actually stretches back over 30years and have very high success rates.It is the most ideal permanent treatment option (patient factors permitting) for missing teeth because adjacent teeth does not require cutting and are protected by the strong implant helping to distribute the pressures on chewing.

Whether it is for a single tooth or multiple teeth, we will be able to help you. The procedure itself is relatively painless and more relaxing compared to when the tooth was removed. This is because implants require accuracy and precise positioning, very little force is required in placing the implant or the prosthesis later. 

At Ashfield Family Dental, we provide the latest in dental technology. Traditionally implants is an open surgery, meaning that the dentist need to cut open the gums in order to place the implants. However, in this digital age, our dentists can perform key-hole surgery for implant placement. This means no need for cuts and stitches or a second cut to expose the implant again!

Here is a video of the guided implant technology (courtesy MIS Implants): Animated Video of Guided Implant Surgery (MGuide)


Compare to traditional open implant surgery (courtesy MIS Implants): Animated Video of Traditional Implant Procedure


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